Technicolor / Thomson THG571

Technicolor / Thomson THG571 keeps up to 8 bonded downstream channels and 4 bonded upstream channels, with a backward-compatible design for use as a single-channel with DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 2.0 and older networks without any service interruption.

The THG571 is EuroPacketCable 1.5 certified and upgradeable to basic EuroPacketCable 2.0. It is also equipped with basic and extended CLASS features (caller ID, call waiting, etc).

For the end user’s convenience, the easy-to-access multi-colored LEDs provide a clear indication of start-up sequence, connectivity status and channel bonding status (number of used downstream and upstream channels).

Technicolor / Thomson THG571 - Linkom-PC
Technicolor / Thomson THG571 – Linkom-PC

Multiple integrated web pages allow direct access to the status and settings, including privacy and security information.

THG571 Features
 Availability: currently available
 LAN / WAN Connectivity
 WAN throughput: 440 Mbps
 WAN throughput upstream: 131 Mbps
 WAN ports: 1
 WAN port(s) type: Coax F-connector
 LAN ports: 1
 LAN ports type: 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45)
 LAN ports auto cross-over: yes
 RJ-11 FXS VoIP phone ports: 2
 DHCP client: yes
 Cable Modem
 DOCSIS compliance: DOCSIS 1.0
EuroDOCSIS 2.0
EuroDOCSIS 3.0
 PacketCable: PacketCable 1.5 (VoIP)
 VoIP Protocols: SIP v2 (RFC 3261)
T.38 (Fax over IP)
 VoIP Audio Codecs: G.728
G.729 (a/b)
iLBC (Internet Low Bitrate Codec)
 VoIP Voice Features: Echo Cancellation (G.165/G.168)
3-way conferencing
Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
Comfort Noise Generator (CNG)
 SPI firewall: yes
 Device Management
 Administration: Web-based (LAN)
 Firmware upgradeable: yes
 Email alerts: yes
 Event log: yes
 Diagnostic functions: yes
 Misc hardware info
 SNMP support: SNMP v.2, SNMP v.3
 IPv6 support: yes
 Product page:…