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Advanced Technical Services – Yes, we can do it!

Advanced Technical Services provides to our new and existing customers objective expert technical advising procedures, which is mostly independent of vendor influence.

Our experts always trying to help you and find the best solutions to your IT/business problems, and it is more important than sell boxes.  All our customers are will receive all kind of advices and options which, usually, vendors not provide.

Advanced Technical Services - Pixabay

Advanced Technical Services – Pixabay

Business Reviews. Business Reviews will be presented in order to show real technical review of key metrics and events to decision makers, in number of times, which you/customer want. Usually we make this kind of reviews quarterly, but, it depends of customer plans.

Advanced Design Services. Upon request, we will assist with design services including feature and technology review, high-level network and data center design, customer design/project process review, and discussion of best practices surrounding these areas.

Network Analysis. Our experts will work with the customer throughout the period which is determined with the contract to gather information about network performance and capability, and use this information’s to identify all potential issues and suggest recommendations for future network extensions.

Testing and Lab Strategy. If some kind of requests appears, our experts will determine all needed network simulations using our lab. This proof of concept as business needs evolve, must be agreed by both Linkom-PC and customer, and result will be the network design for the customer.

Recommendations and Optimizations. Our experts will audit your network and report on all kind of vendor-published bugs, defects and security weaknesses . As requested, network experts will develop a best-practice strategy for the specific customer’s network environment during its life-cycle.

Consultancy Life-cycle Audit. Upon request, our expert will do audit of network infrastructure in order to provide real picture of the customer’s networking and its health and status.

Knowledge Transfer. On demand and upon requests our experts will provide customer with specific knowledge on new networking technologies, products and trends. Some of our highly educated experts will work with the IT and networking staff to determine the value of all needed technologies and products to the customer’s network and business goals.

Customer Focused Solutions – Yes, solutions are focused!

We in Linkom-PC fully understand that all networks are made up of different products spanning several generations and our focus is on supporting the network as it works! This scenario is always in focus instead of an upgrade-centric strategy.

We and our experts keep this in mind, and our Advanced Services ensure that every kind of network will be optimized in order to ensure that the customer’s needs will be in the focus.

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