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Welcome to Linkom-PC favorite EU supplier of refurbished network equipment! We offer you a better solution than buying new: save money on purchase costs, get a long warranty, and generate less waste. Make a difference with our solutions!

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Cisco Refurbished Network Equipment

Would you buy Cisco new or Cisco refurbished network equipment? Refurbished network equipment can be a real alternative to new equipment against the backdrop of fast-changing requirements, especially when it comes to high-quality IT products from leading manufacturers.
The refurbishment describes the quality-assured overhaul and repair of used IT hardware and the subsequent return to the market. It is often assumed that new network technology offers a longer service life and more security.

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Cisco Switch Selector – Cisco switches are reliable, scalable, secure and cost-efficient, delivering high performance and security to meet the demand of any size of business. They are Catalyst Series 2960X, 3650, 3850, 9000, Nexus series, etc.

Order cost-effective Cisco Refurbished Switches now with up to 3 years warranty and high quality! Save money with refurbished and tested IT Cisco network equipment from our portfolio!

Cisco Switch Selector

If you buy refurbished network equipment, you will save money.

Remanufactured Cisco hardware is much cheaper to buy than new network products – there are even discounts of up to 90% on the manufacturers list price possible.

You are doing something for the environment.

From an environmental point of view, you are acting in the interests of the environment if you avoid the costly disposal of network equipment by specialist companies while conserving high-quality resources by reusing network technology.

You will receive guaranteed quality.

After processing the goods, you also receive a guarantee, regardless of whether you are a B2B, B2C or B2G customer. With every single one of our products you receive a promise of quality.

4B Experience.

With Company in Hungary, EU, we will be able to offer worldwide the best we can: 4B experience: BETTER prices, BETTER service, BETTER payment terms and BETTER delivery terms. Only 4B for our clients!

Why Choose Us?

The values that guide us are very clear: we want our users to feel as our partners. That’s why we insist on the highest quality solutions, as well as their perfect adaptation to the needs of each individual customer.


Selling Cisco refurbished switches, Cisco routers, and more – in short, selling best priced Cisco equipment was our focus for more than the last 15 years. In this very specific market we are very present, as someone who actively and consistently delivers new Cisco and Cisco refurbished network equipment.
We specialize in sales of Cisco equipment, and our signature can be recognized in many successful projects all over World.
The values that guide us are very clear: we want our users to feel as our partners. That’s why we insist on the highest quality solutions, as well as their perfect adaptation to the needs of each individual customer. We are the market leaders when it comes to inventiveness, expertise and decisiveness, and our actions improve the business activities of our customers, setting high professional standards.

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Systems integration enables modern network systems to have modularity and full integration of the systems for transmission of data, voice and video via wide ICT system. That is why we insist on top quality solutions as well as for their perfect adaptation to the needs of each individual client.
Our solutions are used by different groups of users: service providers (ISPs, CATV providers, Telco operators), large, small and medium enterprises. In process of developing solutions, we insist on a partnership with top manufacturers and service providers. We believe that such partnerships make our solutions stand out far above the market average, both in terms of technological innovation, and quality. This is a key investment in the satisfaction and success of our clients.
If you buy used Cisco or Cisco refurbished network equipment with our Systems Integration services, your System will be “up and running” very soon.

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Advanced Technical Services provides to our new and existing customers objective expert technical advising procedures, which is mostly independent of vendor influence.
Our experts always trying to help you and find the best solutions to your IT/business problems, and it is more important than sell boxes. All our customers are will receive all kind of advices and options which, usually, vendors not provide.
We fully understand that all networks are made up of different products spanning several generations and our focus is on supporting the network as it works! This scenario is always in focus instead of an upgrade-centric strategy.
We and our experts keep this in mind, and our Advanced Services ensure that every kind of network will be optimized in order to ensure that the customer’s needs will be in the focus.

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Cisco DOCSIS equipment

Wide portfolio of new DOCSIS Cisco and refurbished DOCSIS Cisco

CMTS routers, EDGE QAMs and cable modems for all services in your network (VoIP, DVB-C, IPTV, etc.).
If you are looking for refurbished Cisco EDGE QAM – RFGW EDGE QAM you are at right place! Reliable, tested, refurbished EDGE QAMs with fast delivery options!

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