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Refurbished network equipment is a great way to get the latest technologies at deeply discounted prices. Network equipment can be expensive and once you buy it, you have it for a while. So you want to make sure you buy the best equipment for your needs. 

Here are 10 questions you can ask yourself to help you decide which brand of refurbished network equipment to buy.

What are the different kinds of network equipment?

Network equipment may include: Cisco router equipment, Netgear mesh network equipment, Huawei routers, Linksys WRT 300/400/500/550, IP cameras, Cisco networks equipment. The first question you need to ask is what are you looking for? For example, are you looking for a router or a WLAN gateway? For a router, you have several options. For example, you could get a low-end router from Walmart for about $30, or you could get the full-blown version from Walmart for about $50. For a WLAN gateway, you can get a stripped-down version, or you can get a full-featured one from Walmart for about $50. Do you need a router or a WLAN gateway? You can also ask yourself if you need a router or a WLAN gateway.

10 questions to help you choose the right refurbished network equipment

You can choose refurbished network equipment from three main sources: Sellers How-to manuals and refurbished network equipment on the internet. But you must make sure you are looking for a certified refurbisher or buyer. Certified refurbishers will provide you with all the required documents you need to buy refurbished network equipment from them.

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The major advantage of refurbished equipment is you get the newest technology at a fraction of the cost. But it’s important to buy refurbished equipment from trusted sources to avoid getting stolen or damaged equipment. Many network devices come with warranties of a minimum of three years. So you have a good amount of time to see how the refurbished network equipment performs for you. Make sure you buy refurbished network equipment that works with your current network equipment.

Linkom-PC is your source for Refurbished Network Equipment which fulfil all your needs

If you buy Cisco refurbished network equipment, you will save money. Remanufactured Cisco hardware is much cheaper to buy than new network products – there are even discounts of up to 90% on the manufacturer’s list price possible.

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You will receive guaranteed quality.

After processing the goods, you also receive a guarantee, regardless of whether you are a B2B, B2C, or B2G customer. With every single one of our products, you receive a promise of quality.

You are doing something for the environment.

From an environmental point of view, you are acting in the interests of the environment if you avoid the costly disposal of network equipment by specialist companies while conserving high-quality resources by reusing network technology.

4B customer experience

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Cisco Refurbished Network Equipment

Would you buy Cisco new or Cisco refurbished network equipment? Refurbished network hardware can be a real alternative to new equipment against the backdrop of fast-changing requirements, especially when it comes to high-quality IT products from leading manufacturers.

The refurbishment describes the quality-assured overhaul and repair of used IT hardware and the subsequent return to the market. It is often assumed that new network technology offers a longer service life and more security.

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The values that guide us are very clear: we want our users to feel like our partners. That’s why we insist on the highest quality solutions, as well as their perfect adaptation to the needs of each customer.

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