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Linkom-PC sells ASR 9000 routers are a high-density, high performance edge platform suitable for growing or high-demand markets.

The ASR 9000 routers are capable of supporting connections from 1G up to 400G, providing operators with a long-term growth platform that scales ahead of demand.

ASR 9000 routers – Built for today, ready for what’s next


  • With line cards supporting 400 GbE.
  • Support for coherent optics to drive the convergence of IP and optical layers.
  • Committed to forward and backward compatibility.


  • With a simple, modern, and trustworthy network Operating System (IOS XR).
  • Automation ready with open APIs, Native, YANG, and Open Config models.
  • With real-time telemetry, segment routing, and Ethernet Virtual Private Networks (EVPNs).


  • Enhanced port flexibility supporting 1G to 400G and new form factors.
  • With industry leading 7nm silicon CPUs delivering significant power savings.


  • Enhanced security including Secure Boot, Cisco Trust Anchor, and anti-counterfeit measures.
  • With a Secure Development Lifecycle to ensure manufactured integrity.
  • Investment protection for ASR 9000 with continued software and hardware innovations.