Cisco 4000 ISR Series Integrated Services Routers

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Cisco 4000 ISR Series Integrated Services Routers provide routing, hosting, security, and switching–all in a single, trustworthy platform.

Build your digital branch to be secure, fast, and scalable. Quickly adopt the latest technologies, from SD-WAN to edge computing, while meeting the explosive network-performance needs driven by cloud applications and digital transformation.

Cisco 4000 ISR Series Integrated Services Routers – Predictable performance

Get a high-availability architecture designed for mission-critical branches. The ISR 4000 delivers high-speed, predictable performance and modularity to connect from most remote locations.

Network services

Deploy key integrated network services for your branch in minutes, virtually or on-premises, without sacrificing performance.

Simplified management

Configure and monitor your network and enforce business policies through Cisco DNA Center and Cisco SD-WAN. Simplify network automation and turn hours of work into minutes.

Threat protection

Protect your branch site across the LAN and WAN and in the cloud with security integrated into the router. You no longer need a separate security appliance.

  • Cisco ISR4451-X-VSEC/K9, Cisco ISR 4451 UC Sec.Bundle, PVDM4-64, UC&SEC Lic,FL- CUBE25

  • Cisco ISR4451-UCSE-S/K9, Cisco ISR 4451 CI Bundle w 24 port SM, UCS-E Single Wide SM

  • Cisco ISR4351-AXV/K9, Cisco ISR 4351 AXV Bundle,PVDM4-64 w/APP, SEC, UC lic, CUBE-25

  • Cisco ISR4451-X-SEC/K9, Cisco ISR 4451 Sec bundle w/SEC license

  • Cisco NIM-ES2-8-P, 8-port POE/POE+ Layer 2 GE Switch Network Interface Module

  • Cisco NIM-2GE-CU-SFP, 2-port GE WAN NIM, dual-mode RJ45 & SFP

  • Cisco ISR4351-V/K9, Cisco ISR 4351 UC Bundle, PVDM4-64, UC License

  • Cisco ISR4331-AX/K9, Cisco ISR 4331 AX Bundle w/ APP,SEC lic

  • Cisco ISR4331-VSEC/K9, Cisco ISR 4331 Bundle w/UC & Sec Lic, PVDM4-32

  • Cisco ISR4321/K9, Cisco ISR 4321 (2GE,2NIM,4G FLASH,4G DRAM,IPB)

  • Cisco ISR4331/K9, Cisco ISR 4331 (3GE,2NIM,1SM,4G FLASH,4G DRAM,IPB)

  • Cisco ISR4451-X/K9, Cisco ISR 4451 (4GE,3NIM,2SM,8G FLASH,4G DRAM)