About Us

Customer satisfaction since 1997.

Linkom-PC d.o.o. is a company covering all types of requests in telecommunications and computing equipment since 1997. Our experience was gained in the front rows of the battlefield and is readily made available to management teams of companies and organisations, offering them concrete solutions for all business challenges. We are the market leaders when it comes to inventiveness, expertise and decisiveness, and our actions improve the business activities of our customers, setting high professional standards. We specialize in sales of Cisco equipment, and our signature can be recognized in many successful projects in Serbia and all Balkans countries.

The values that guide us are very clear: we want our users to feel as our partners. That’s why we insist on the highest quality solutions, as well as their perfect adaptation to the needs of each individual customer.

In developing solutions, we insist on partnerships with both: top manufacturers and service providers. We believe that such partnerships make our solutions stand out far above the market average, both in terms of technological innovation, and quality. It is, in our view, the key investment in the satisfaction and success of our clients.

Selling Cisco was our focus for more than decade. In this very specific market we are very visible as someone who actively and consistently delivers new or refurbished Cisco equipment.