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Linkom-PC sells Cisco 2900 ISR Series Integrated Services Routers wihich is build on 25 years of Cisco innovation and product leadership.

The new platforms are architected to enable the next phase of branch-office evolution, providing rich media collaboration and virtualization to the branch while maximizing operational cost savings The Integrated Services Routers Generation 2 platforms are future-enabled with multi-core CPUs, support for high capacity DSPs (Digital Signal Processors) for future enhanced video capabilities, high powered service modules with improved availability, Gigabit Ethernet switching with enhanced POE, and new energy monitoring and control capabilities while enhancing overall system performance.

Cisco 2900 ISR Series Integrated Services Routers – Services-rich router for medium-sized branches

Cisco 2900 Series Integrated Services Routers (ISR) are designed to meet the application demands of today’s medium-sized branches and to evolve to cloud-based services. They deliver virtualized applications and highly secure collaboration through the widest array of WAN connectivity at high performance that offers concurrent services at up to 75 Mbps.

  • Cisco C2951-CME-SRST/K9, 2951 Voice Bundle w/ PVDM3-32,FL-CME-SRST-25, UC License PAK

  • Cisco C2901-CME-SRST/K9, 2901 Voice Bundle w/ PVDM3-16,FL-CME-SRST-25, UC License PAK

  • Cisco CISCO2901-HSEC+/K9, VPN ISM module HSEC bundles for 2901 ISR platform

  • Cisco C2921-WAAS-SEC/K9, Cisco 2921,SRE 700,WAAS Enterprise Medium and SEC PAK bundle

  • Cisco CISCO2911-DC/K9, Cisco 2911 w/3 GE,4 EHWIC,2 DSP,1 SM,256MB CF,512MB DRAM+DC

  • Cisco C2911-AX/K9, Cisco 2911 w/3 GE,4 EHWIC,1 SM,256MB CF,1GB DRAM,IPB, SEC,AX

  • Cisco C2911-VSEC-SRE/K9, Cisco 2911 SRE Bundle, SRE 300, PVDM3-16, UC, SEC Lic. PAK

  • Cisco C2951-VSEC/K9, Cisco 2951 UC Sec. Bundle, PVDM3-32, UC and SEC License P

  • Cisco CISCO2911-HSEC+/K9, VPN ISM module HSEC bundles for 2911 ISR platform

  • Cisco CISCO2921-HSEC+/K9, VPN ISM module HSEC bundles for 2921 ISR platform

  • Cisco CISCO2951/K9, Cisco 2951 w/3 GE,4 EHWIC,3 DSP,2 SM,256MB CF,512MB DRAM,IPB

  • Cisco CISCO2951-SEC/K9, Cisco 2951 Security Bundle w/SEC license PAK