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Linkom-PC sells wide portfolio of new DOCSIS and refurbished DOCSIS equipment: CMTS routers, EDGE QAMs and cable modems for all services in your network (VoIP, DVB-C, IPTV, etc.).

If you are looking for refurbished EDGE QAM – RFGW EDGE QAM you are at right place! Reliable, tested, refurbished EDGE QAMs with fast delivery options! Cisco refurbished, Cisco remanufactured, Cisco used and new Cisco!

We are specialized in premium quality refurbished CMTS, which costs a fraction of new equipment, while maintaining optimum customer experience.

  • Technicolor TC7200 DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 3.0 Wireless and VoIP Cable Gateway

  • CISCO EPC3928S, Cisco Cable Modem 8×4 DOCSIS 3.0 Residential Wireless Gateway with Digital Voice Model EPC3928S

  • Cisco EPC3928AD, Cisco Cable Modem 8×4 DOCSIS 3.0 Smart Dual Band Concurrent Wireless .11N Broadband Cable Gateway with voice EPC3928AD

  • Cisco CAB-RFSW520QTIMF2, Quad-shield RF cable bundle, RF line card to HFC plant, 3m

  • Cisco SPA-5X1GE-V2, Cisco 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Shared Port Adapter

  • Cisco 10000-SIP-600, Cisco 10000 Series SPA Interface Processor-600 10G

  • Cisco ESR-PRE4, Performance Routing Engine 4

  • Cisco CISCO3925/K9, Cisco 3925 w/SPE100(3GE.4EHWIC.4DSP.2SM.256MBCF.1GBDRAM.IPB)

  • Cisco UBR10-DTCC, DOCSIS Timing, Communication, and Control Card + DTI Client

  • Cisco UBR-MC3GX60V, D3.0 M-CMTS Line Card for uBR10K Platform; Base HW – 72US/60DS

  • Cisco UBR10-PRE5, Performance Routing Engine 5 For UBR10012 (2 x 10G)

  • Cisco SPA-1X10GE-L-V2, Cisco 1-Port 10GE LAN-PHY Shared Port Adapter