Cisco 76-ES+T-4TG, ES+ Low Queue 4 port 10GE – 3CXL.

The Cisco 7600 Series ES+ line cards are a multiple-fabric, fixed-port Ethernet line card for the Cisco 7600 series routers that are capable of 40 gbps full-duplex traffic forwarding using a fixed port interface design.

The difference between the versions are the link interface daughter cards that accept small form-factor pluggable (SFP, SFP+, or XFP) optical transceivers. Additionally, each of the versions has a common baseboard card and a control processor daughter card, except for the 8 port version (76-ES+T-8TG) which has a different baseboard.

The SFP, SFP+, and XFP modules allow the line cards to be configured for different media types (copper or fiber) and different optical requirements (single mode fiber or multimode fiber) as available.

76-ES+T-4TG Product Overview

The Cisco 7600 Series ES+ line cards have the following features:

The system features listed here specify some of the key performance metrics and capabilities of the line cards. The information below applies to all four line cards unless stated otherwise.

  • Line rate feature processing performance with 64 byte packets for four ports of 10 GE or forty ports of GE (59.52Mpps). Note that the line card throughput is limited by the system switch fabric. The packet processor and internal sections of the line card are full line rate throughput capable for 40GbE.
  • Large output buffers provide up to 200 mS of round-trip-time buffer (100 mS in each direction) per 10GE port or 10xGE ports to prevent transient output overloads from causing spurious packet loss.
  • Up to 32K queues (per 10GE port or 10xGE ports) per direction for input or output queuing and scheduling.
  • Programmable ingress and egress feature processing capability through the Trident.
  • 40+ Mpps Layer 3 or Layer 4 forwarding, 125Mpps Layer 2 forwarding.
  • Dual fabric attachment providing an aggregate bandwidth of 40Gb/s, full duplex (each fabric channel provides 20Gb/s, full duplex).
  • 512-MB boot disk

4x10GE with DFC 3CXL





All Cisco 7600 series routers except for the Cisco 7603 router


7600 ES+XT, LAN/WAN PHY, OTN/G.709, Low Queue, 4x10GE, XFP, DFC3CXL



Cisco IOS Release 12.2(33)SRD



Supported XFP Modules

Power Consumption


406 W

Additional information



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