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Used Cisco Hardware Solutions

Solutions for the Cisco Hardware Life Cycle

  • Cisco Hardware
  • Staging and configuration
  • Cisco maintenance and support
  • Safe, secure hardware disposal
  • Get money  for your used IT equipment
  • Cisco experts to help craft the right solution

Contact our team today and we can help you get the right Cisco solution that’s just right for you.

What Can Our Cisco Solutions Do For You?

  • Provide high reliability and performance
  • Reduced hardware costs
  • Create right-sized solutions
  • Extend product life cycles
  • Offer low cost Cisco maintenance
  • Maintenance options for aging and EOL hardware
  • Staging and configurations services available
  • Get cash or credit for your used Cisco gear
  • Free up budget dollars for critical IT projects

A Full Line of Top Quality Cisco Equipment

  • Cisco Switches
  • Cisco Routers
  • Cisco Phones
  • Cisco Optics and SFP Modules
  • Cisco Wireless
  • Cisco UCS Servers

Plus, we can help you build a right-sized, cost-effective maintenance and support solution

We also buy used gear and safely dispose of it.

Let us help you get the right Cisco solution for you. Request a Quote!

The World’s Best Refurbished Cisco Equipment

Linkom-PC is the world’s premier provider of used Cisco equipment, but what we offer is more than just used Cisco gear.

Our exclusive new of refurbishedn Cisco equipment allows our customers to take advantage of all the benefits of purchasing refurbished Cisco hardware along with all of the peace of mind they expect from purchasing new. In fact, our Cisco refurbished equipment is as reliable as new OEM equipment or better… at a fraction of the cost.

Our Specialties

Huge savings – up to 90% off list prices

When you choose Linkom-PC, you will save 40% to 90% when compared to manufacturer list prices - freeing up more IT budget dollars.

The best warranty as standard business practice

On top of huge savings, you also get very reliable warranty.

Quality Assurance

To meet the standard of Linkom-PC, each unit is fully tested. This ensures consistently high quality and performance for our customers.

You are doing something for the environment

From an environmental point of view, you are acting in the interests of the environment if you avoid the costly disposal of network equipment by specialist companies while conserving high-quality resources by reusing network technology.

Reliability Rating

Over 23 years of happy customers can attest to the performance and reliability of Linkom-PC equipment. Our reliability rating has stood the test of time with a reliability that is equal to or better than new.

The choice is yours

We can also offer you end-of-sale products and spare parts that are usually difficult to find or expensive to buy. We can also advise you on compatible devices at any time.

Let us help you get the right Cisco solution for you. Request a Quote!

Refurbished Cisco Switches

Used Cisco Switches

Now that Cisco has introduced the Nexus line, and is driving customers to adopt it, you could use a partner with expertise to continue to support the Catalyst switching solutions you rely on. CXtec is that partner. We have the refurbished Cisco switches you need.

  • Linkom-PC can offer Cisco Catalyst Program covers all your used Cisco switch needs
  • Expertise with Cisco Catalyst 4500 and Cisco Catalyst 6500 chassis-based solutions
  • Pre-sale technical questions answered by our highly knowledgeable tech support professional
Refurbished Cisco Routers

Used Cisco Routers

We carry a wide range of Cisco routers, and offering the best value in the industry.

Look no further for used Cisco routers including the 800, 1800, 1900, 2800, 2900, 3800, 3900, 7200, and more.

  • Industry-leading warranty on all Cisco routers
  • Get the best speed, availability and features in your Cisco router
  • Expansive Cisco router selection with millions of dollars of inventory in stock
  • Pre-sales expertise to answer all your technical questions

Cisco Optics

Used Cisco SFP Modules

SFP and GBIC costs can add up over time. Our refurbished Cisco SFP modules are the perfect way to save big on your transceiver costs.

  • Reliable warranty on every Cisco SFP
  • Fraction of the cost of Cisco SFP module

Cisco UCS Servers

Used Cisco UCS Servers

Take storage and networking to the next level. Linkom-PC has the expertise to provide the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) blade servers that deliver versatility and unmatched storage to help you manage IT infrastructures at any scale.

Linkom-PC offers refurbished fully configured Cisco UCS solutions – complete with a reliable warranty with advance replacement.

Our blade server selection includes Cisco’s M1-M5 series, so we can match you with a server fit for your individual business needs to maximise your network. From components to fully configured solutions, we handle all your Cisco UCS needs.

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