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Save up to 90 percent plus with refurbished equipment – Today network operations MUST be faultless… Right? IT MUST BE. End of story!

How you can get this? With less budget, with fast delivery, with pre-tested equipment, with worry-free roll-outs?

You can buy network equipment made by Cisco (or made by other vendors, on demand: Juniper, etc.) with up to 90% off. In some cases you can get even more discounts! To be sure that your job will be done exactly in line with your requests!

Refurbished hardware saves your money and time and with less risk and it allows you to earn more profit! With combination with our Advanced Technical Services, you can achieve over performed IT goals!

Our CCIE qualified technical team knows Cisco specifications without borders. So you get a better quote.

Yes, we can do it!

If you need any Cisco product or so, please request a quote at info[at]

BTW, if you are still don’t believe, just ask info about prices of SFP modules and see your potential savings…

Save up to 90%+ with refurbished equipment – did you compare new and REF prices of SFP modules?

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