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We have just delivered routers and switches, Cisco refurbished network equipment: Cisco7609-S, WS-CAC-4000W-INT, WS-C4948-10GE-E, and RSP720-3CXL-10GE, find their way to our valued customer.

Cisco Routers and Switches

Cisco7609-S, RSP720-3CXL-10GE, and RSP720-3CXP-10GE While technology keeps evolving, Cisco continues to invest in our customers’ success. We understand how important it is for our customers to have access to updated solutions that match their business needs. Cisco has a rich portfolio of high-performance Routers and Switches that are fully supported by Cisco products and services to make the switch to the cloud, to support digital transformation, and to ensure a future-proof network.

Cisco’s network continues to evolve to provide the future-proof network our customers require. Cisco Routers and Switches help customers and partners evolve their network, increase their operational agility, and cost-effectively manage their IT environments in today’s dynamic environment.

Routers and switches are delivered to our valued customer

Routers and switches are delivered to our valued customer

Updates and Maintenance

The small business sector takes its network very seriously and is willing to pay for good hardware and support. We are regularly scheduled to update our customer’s hardware and software, including the new Cisco IP-PBX. We support hardware and software updates that enable new features and provide enhancements for existing Cisco hardware and software. We have just performed an update on a Cisco blade workstation.

The upgrade to Cisco UCS BladeCenter announced in February 2013 will allow the customer to deploy a production data centre cluster on a single set of Cisco Cisco UCS blades. Updates also ensure the server servers and Cisco switches stay current with all the latest and greatest Cisco software releases.


If you have an interesting questions or suggestions about Routers and Switches or requests abut Refurbished Network Equipment, please, contact us.

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