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Linkom- PC doo Serbia – we started our business in 1997. In recent years, we have regularly bought and sold Cisco equipment, with very satisfying results.

Last year, 2021, for the first time in our company history, we have decided to spread our business over to the countries that are a part of the EU.

We have established a new part of our company in Szeged, Hungary, which should increase the possibility of more transactions all over the EU territory. This not only brings us a better reputation in the market but also makes us more noticed in doing what we have been doing for a long time.

We have had a very solid success story considering that we are a small company. Our clients are very content with our services.

Not only that but the longevity that our company has sustained over a certain period of time should be put into consideration as well, for anyone who has already worked with us or is about to do so.

To maintain any kind of business in today’s very challenging market for such a long time is something worthy of attention.

So, by choosing us, you have a guaranteed experience from our services, from experienced workers in the company, who have gone through good and bad times and managed to maintain not only well-received results from clients but also the existence of the company itself, despite many challenging eras that have occurred since 1997 (like for example the 2008 global economic crisis).

Apart from that already mentioned experience, we are still learning, as we are aware of how dynamically the market and the business changes. Sometimes we even learn directly from the clients, based on their feedback. We care about our clients very much and they are great assistance for us in how we approach and perceive business going forward.

This year, 2022, is a very special year for our company – we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of its existence.

We are grateful to all of our previous, current and future business partners and also consumers and even colleagues and co-workers over the years, who have made this respectable and impressive milestone for the company possible.

The promise we can make in return is to keep trying to push our company even further and trying to maintain good relationships with all sides, that are necessary in building a successful business environment.

VIDEO – Linkom-PC doo Serbia milestones:

Miodrag Ilic, CEO

Dragana Ilic, CFO

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