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Linkom-PC Kft is Cisco reseller company and Cisco equipment, delivery, installation, support and maintenance in the warranty and warranty period are in the main focus of the company.

In addition to the new Cisco equipment, a very important segment of the business is the delivery, installation and maintenance of Cisco Refurbished Equipment, which has, in all likelihood, a guarantee and support, as well as a new Cisco equipment.

Cisco equipment – Linkom-PC

The values ​​that lead the company Linkom-PC Kft and all employees are clear: a strong desire for all users to feel as partners. It always insists on top quality solutions, as well as on their perfect adaptability to the needs of each individual client.

Cisco oprema - Linkom-PC

In the development of the solution, we are insisting the professional team of Linkom-PC Kft in partnership with top manufacturers and providers, and one of the most important is Cisco Systems. We believe that such partnerships make the proposed solutions jump far beyond the market average, both in terms of technological innovation and quality. That is, a key investment in the satisfaction and success of clients.

Potential and permanent users are purchasing Cisco equipment from Linkom-PC Kft because they have recognized a stable partner and that Cisco equipment has a better price, no hidden costs.


Cisco was the central figure and engine of many historical changes in technology and its use. Cisco remains a market leader in more areas, regardless of dramatic changes in all markets, such as routing and switching, unified communications, mobility and security. Cisco is always trying to be at the heart of the fundamental changes in the way the world communicates.

For all Cisco equipment issues, send us an inquiry to mail info [at]

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