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Wide Selection of Used Cisco Networking Equipment – Cisco Routers, Switches and Other Networking Equipment with a High Quality Warranty

Linkom-PC offers a complete portfolio of certified pre-owned Cisco products such as Cisco Routers and Cisco Switches, providing the highest levels of speed and availability. When you select to buy used Cisco equipment, you’re getting guaranteed reliability with high quality service from Linkom-PC team.

Expansive Used Cisco Systems Selection

Linkom-PC’s partner network stock includes Cisco’s 800, 1800, 190028002900, 3800, 3900, 7200, 7300, 7600, ASR Series, CRS-1, ESR10000 and Cisco GSR 12000 Series Routers. We’re also your best source for router solutions that are no longer supported by Cisco.

Let us provide an affordable solution to those Cisco end-of-life notifications by offering fully tested, lifetime warrantied used Cisco networking equipment.

Some best-selling used Cisco equipment options include:

Consider the full range of used Cisco networking equipment by also including CMTS in your setup, including the Cisco UBR10012.

The Best Refurbished Cisco Switches

Maintain the quality and reliability your network needs, while saving money, when you buy used Cisco networking equipment and switches. Choose from a wide range of Cisco refurbished network equipment to support enterprises and service providers with intelligent Ethernet services. You can also enable Web-based monitoring and quickly scale your operations as you grow while maintaining quality and performance.

When you buy used Cisco switches from Linkom-PC, consider top-quality switches such as:

Cisco CMTS uBR10012

When choosing a CMTS, you want to be sure you’re getting something capable of the processing and output necessary for your network. It is the sole driver for cable signal conversion to IP before data packets are sent out to the internet. Therefore you need something reliable, capable and extremely efficient.

Linkom-PC offers the best Cisco brand CMTS systems out there, including the UBR 7200 and UBR 10012.

You can be sure that pre-owned equipment from Linkom-PC offers a value-oriented and performance-ready investment. If you want to grow your network at a significantly reduced cost, and save more than 90 percent below original pricing for new, we are an ideal solution.

Cisco Firewall Security Equipment

Network protection and cybersecurity are the most prominent concerns you’ll have when deploying new systems.

Cisco’s renowned firewall security equipment allows you to better protect your network as you scale up by adding new equipment, upgrading existing hardware and introducing new players. If you open a new office, for example, you’ll need to be sure your current security setup can accommodate all the new workers who need access to your network.

Luckily, Cisco’s security solutions are ideal for enterprises large and small. But if you’re in the market for them, you won’t find better savings anywhere else.

Linkom-PC offers the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances (Cisco ASA), with all the care and excellence you’ve come to know from our company.

Cisco IP Telephony

Reliable telephony equipment, which today often incorporates both voice and data networks, is crucial to the operations of many modern businesses.

One concern with such equipment is call quality, especially when aiming to present a professional communication environment to customers. You must also guarantee that the contents of every call are safe and secure and that connections are reliable. You don’t want to be dropping calls in the middle of a big sale because your hardware is on the fritz.

When you buy used Cisco phones and IP equipment, you are taking advantage of our best-in-class IP phone selection. Linkom-PC’s partner network stock cover all requests for Cisco IP Telephony equipment.

Cisco ATA — We carry a surplus of both new and used ATA 186 and ATA 188 models.

Cisco Gateway — Linkom-PC offers a complete line of VoIP (voice over IP) hardware products including Cisco VoIP Gateways, Media Convergence Servers (MCS) and IP-enabled phones.

Cisco IP Phones — The heart of any telephony or communication network is, of course, the hardware you will be using to converse with clients and various parties. You can ask a quote for Cisco Unified IP Phone 7906G and 7911G, Cisco Unified IP Phone 7931G, Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G and 7925G, Cisco Unified IP Phone 7940G, 7941G, 7960G, 7961G, Cisco Unified IP Phone 7942G, 7962G, 7945G, 7965G, 7975G, Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7936, 7937G, as well as end-of-sale and end-of-life phones like the CP-7910, CP-7940, CP-7660 and CP-7912G models.

Cisco MCS — We offers used and new MCS systems.

Cisco Unity — Cisco Unity devices merge the gap between traditional voice and digital communications, adding support for a variety of channels including email, web clients, mobile devices and instant messaging. We offer a wide selection of used and new surplus Cisco Unity products.

Cisco Wireless Equipment

Naturally, in today’s mobile world, it makes sense to outfit your locations with a wireless-friendly setup. To do this, you need compatible wireless access points, bridges, adapters, mounting equipment and signal accessories such as antennas.

Some of the more popular equipment in our inventory includes:

Wireless Access Points — Linkom-PC can offers of new and used Cisco Wireless Access points like the Aironet 350 Series Client.

Antennas — When going wireless, antennas influence the signal and reliability and quality of network access and communications. A weak wireless connection could contribute to call and connection failures and other problems. You can ask quote for a robust selection of Aironet Series Antennas from Cisco.

Base Stations — Wireless base stations enable you to transmit the wireless signals and power your connections, and that also means they’re capable of affecting your connectivity. An inadequate or malfunctioning base station could mean downtime for everyone. We can offer a great selection of Wireless Base Stations that have been rigorously tested and certified as like-new in quality and performance.

Wireless Bridges — Working with more extensive networks sometimes means incorporating legacy hardware into the mix. A wireless bridge will sync up two wired networks via Wi-Fi, acting as a client by logging into the primary router and modem configuration. This can help you expand the connectivity and scope of your system to other areas of your property or provide access to growing teams.

Cisco SFP

Looking for the Cisco SFP unit? We have both available in partner network stock in new and used configurations. The pre-owned models test continuously to ensure they are up to the reliability and performance you’re sure to need.

Buy Used Cisco Networking Equipment – Better than new

In the process of digitization we often use already proven recipes of those who are in front of us. When it is already so, why not consider the equipment that has been more advanced, and is currently in line with our needs. Refurbished IT equipment is one of the best solutions.

Did you realize that the digitization of your entire business is not only an opportunity but also an obligation if you take a steps in line with your competitors? Do you have ambitious IT plans, limited budget? Do your clients require a level or scope of services that you can not provide with the current investments in equipment? You will not be surprised if we tell you that you belong to the vast majority of users in the world, that large, powerful group that needs far beyond its current capabilities, which has ambitions and vision of the development of infrastructure and business and only needs real support for advancement.

The solution to this problem is not complicated: Linkom-PC has been building its position on the regional market for years, satisfying exactly these needs. Active access to market reserves of the world’s most advanced network and telecommunication devices and careful investing in the optimization, refreshment and complementing of such equipment enable them to offer top-level IT solutions on the market at a price that is drastically below the expected.

Better than New

Select Category and Type of Used Cisco Networking Equipment

Why Choose Cisco Network Equipment?

Cisco is a well-known company most famous for supplying network equipment and reliable computing solutions for the enterprise sector. Cisco Systems Inc. was the leading vendor and controlled over 55 percent of the global Ethernet switch market throughout the year. The company is a formidable force in the IT networking market — and for good reason.

All Cisco brand products follow a strict set of guidelines. Each device or configuration is reliable, manageable and user-friendly, scalable, diverse and readily compatible with a wide range of networking solutions. Interoperability is a huge concern, especially when integrating modern solutions with legacy equipment.

More importantly, however, Cisco hardware holds up well in reliability and performance over time, given they are taken care of properly. As much as you’d love to, you can’t always have the latest and greatest technology, especially when you’re talking about incredibly costly networking hardware and related systems. Still, that doesn’t mean you are willing to sacrifice performance just to save a buck.

That brings us full circle to our inventory of Cisco brand hardware and equipment. You benefit from cost savings when purchasing from Worldwide Supply whether buying new, refurbished, used or end-of-life products. Yet, you are never burdened with sub-par devices, only the best of the best.

The Linkom-PC partners network inventory stock is expansive and includes just about everything in Cisco’s product line.

Better than New

The secondary market for IT networking equipment has become a multi-billion dollar market because of how well used Cisco network equipment continues to perform — even years after its initial use. Value depreciation happens, but it’s the performance and reliability of the equipment that really matters in your network environment and operations.

With other products, like vehicles, the items can lose as much as 10 to 20 percent of their value the second they’re driven off the sales lot. Over time, the product continues to depreciate, so much that the original owner must be aware of initial investments — it’s possible for them to lose a considerable amount of money just by holding onto the product for longer. Secondary or additional owners, however, can get the same product for an incredibly low price, while also getting good value in return.

Vehicles are a great example because even though they do depreciate over time, they don’t become any less useful, provided they are adequately cared for and maintained. The same can be said of secondary tech and IT networking equipment.

OEMS or original equipment manufacturers tend to sell new hardware and equipment at a reasonable price yet tack on higher service and maintenance contracts. Ultimately, this increases the overall cost of upgrading or implementing new hardware and systems. Sometimes the increase can even be so much that an enterprise is forced to avoid new equipment and costly upgrades altogether or must adopt lesser, sub-par hardware instead. Unfortunately, going with alternative hardware that is not as reliable or efficient can have a negative impact on business operations.

The service contracts can also put enterprises and organizations in a strange position, forcing them to remain loyal to a particular set of equipment for lengthy periods. Not only is this unfortunate on the monetary front, but it also leaves them waiting to upgrade their equipment. And since modern technology is advancing at incredible rates, that could put you in a dire situation, outfitted with old, unsupported equipment with higher costs and service fees.

Not that there’s anything wrong with using end-of-life hardware, especially when it’s still viable. It’s just that you don’t want to be paying a premium for hardware and equipment that’s been phased out of official support channels. You’d benefit more by purchasing from a provider who offers cost savings on this type of legacy equipment.

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