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In the process of digitization we often use already proven recipes of those who are in front of us. When it is already so, why not consider the equipment that has been more advanced, and is currently in line with our needs. Refurbished IT equipment is one of the best solutions.

Did you realize that the digitization of your entire business is not only an opportunity but also an obligation if you take a steps in line with your competitors? Do you have ambitious IT plans, limited budget? Do your clients require a level or scope of services that you can not provide with the current investments in equipment? You will not be surprised if we tell you that you belong to the vast majority of users in the world, that large, powerful group that needs far beyond its current capabilities, which has ambitions and vision of the development of infrastructure and business and only needs real support for advancement.

The solution to this problem is not complicated: Linkom-PC has been building its position on the regional market for years, satisfying exactly these needs. Active access to market reserves of the world’s most advanced network and telecommunication devices and careful investing in the optimization, refreshment and complementing of such equipment enable them to offer top-level IT solutions on the market at a price that is drastically below the expected.


Refurbished IT equipment has entered the big door on the home IT scene and seems to have an important and enchanting position.

Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Series

Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Series

A key dilemma that slows down this unstoppable transformation is still in the very perception of users – what they are buying a comparison with the latest, factory-fresh and ultra-expensive devices, and it is possible to fear some unnamed risk or experiment, even when the price ratio is unexpected and maybe just because.

Do you know the saying that something is too good to be true? Well, sometimes it is, and sometimes it’s too good to be missed. The prices of such solutions are so fascinatingly convenient that it is easy to understand why even the largest international corporations, as well as public companies, firms that invest heavily in the quality of their infrastructure, see renewed solutions as a valid choice.

One of the key categories that determines the value of such solutions is security. Linkom-PC invests a lot of effort to make the investment needed to keep refined devices perfect, with the latest drivers, with support that works with all competing support models, and in some cases better, overall investment with a comprehensive and dedicated test process makes the reliability of such solutions at the highest possible level.

The figures are sometimes very noticeable: in the British market over the past ten years, the percentage of the share of refinanced equipment in large-scale systems and organizations has doubled at an average level. A similar trend is present in most other developed markets. In the SME sector, this growth is even higher, but this is not surprising – small and medium-sized enterprises are, by their very nature, the perfect examples for this type of solution.


Recovered IT equipment has long ceased to be the best protected secret of the IT scene and has become a powerful resource that everyone is using, from the largest public companies and international business systems to small but ambitious startups whose budgets do not follow their ambitions. Of course, there are huge differences in the market of refined equipment. In Link-PC they believe that commitment, huge investments in quality and millimeters precise monitoring of clients’ needs and expectations are characterized by a successful approach to refinishing and that is their trademark.

Mr. Miodrag Ilic, the co-owner of Linkom-PC, has the feeling that the market has already been determined according to this category of solution: “It may once have been an exceptional price that the key prosecutor, forced by large and small companies to consider refinished equipment and this extraordinary price is simply not can be ignored! But today we are confronted with a large number of companies who are fully aware of the top quality equipment, support and services that form the core of supply generated by serious bidders from refurbished equipment, such as our partners and us, You know, sometimes that stupid phrase – better than new – is not just a phrase but a precise description. We are proud to be a part of such a story. ”

Although a very competitive and affordable price may be a basic element, if you want to go well in this combination, the key is precisely that it offers a high quality and powerful solution, more than at the price itself. If you are buying equipment from someone who can provide official support, warranties and software apps, who is able to get the amount you need, at a price that suits you, within a time-limit that solves your problems, who understands what is needed to add from the services In the package If this equipment is used, then your choice is light. Linkom-PC intends to be exactly such a bidder. Then, who says that there is no better than the new one?

PC Press, by Nebojša Vujaklija

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