Cisco Reverse Amplifier A93146

Cisco Reverse Amplifier A93146

The reverse amplifier type 93146 provides a plug-in option for Compact amplifiers, to enable two-way amplification in support of bi-directional services.

The reverse amplifier’s fixed-value plug-in pads provide maximum user-friendliness, enable sharing common plug-in accessories with Compact amplifiers, thereby lowering operator’s cost of spares. Furthermore, the unit features improved flatness and re-arranged test point reference for more straightforward reverse path alignment, and commonreference for signal injection point and test point. Both test point and signal injection point utilizes directional couplers, to ensure a precise reverse alignment that is virtually independent of impedance mismatches in the network.

The reverse amplifier features push-pull circuits, which are extremely overloading proof with very low inter-modulation distortion at high outputlevels. The reverse amplifier is equipped with equalizer and attenuator at the output. If no reverse amplification is needed, a 0 dB link type 74069 is used.

Cisco reverse amplifier A93146, pojačavač povratnog smera - Linkom-PC
Cisco reverse amplifier A93146, pojačavač povratnog smera – Linkom-PC


● Field-upgradeable plug-in option for Compact amplifiers
● Plug-in pads with fixed valuesfor improved user-friendliness
● 5 – 65 MHz bandwidth
● Compact, reliable, flexible, and efficient design
● Equalizer and attenuator at output
● Directional coupled, dedicated -20 dB test point and signal injection point
● Temperature compensation for minimum gain variation

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