Cisco A90100 and A90300 Compact EGC Fiber Deep Nodes

Cisco A90100 and A90300 Compact EGC Fiber Deep Nodes


The Compact EGC Fiber Deep Node (FDN) is a small node designed to meet the growing needs for network segmentation. It provides advanced features and benefits, at an attractive price point, helps operators reduce operating costs by streamlining node segmentation deployments and configuration, and is well suited for migration toward FTTC/FTTB architectures.

The node can operate at an output level of 117 dBμV in the forward path and can be configured electronically for quick initial setup or adjustments that arise as network requirements shift. All settings can be done without interrupting service, an especially important capability in networks that are delivering interactive services such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and high-speed data. The node is equipped with an interface that allows configuration through a handheld programmer terminal or by connecting to a standard PC. This interface allows the settings to be stored and reapplied for maintaining a streamlined configuration.

Cisco A93100 and A9330 Compact EGC Fiber Deep Nodes, optički nodovi

The node’s large optical input range and high RF output level provide flexible options for use with a large variety of reverse transmitters to support a variety of applications within the network. The number of plug-ins has been minimized to help operators keep inventory and costs down. The full range electronic attenuators and equalizers offer improved versatility and make it possible to achieve the same adjustment range as with conventional plug-ins or potentiometer solutions. A plug-in diplexer filter is used to determine the forward/reverse band split.

To meet future demands for more bandwidth, the node offers an electronic 862 MHz to 1 GHz field-programmable bandwidth extension, and the reverse path that can be upgraded to 200 MHz. The Compact EGC FDN Model A90100 and A90300 can be configured with a Cisco status monitoring transponder (SMC or HMS) to enable remote monitoring of critical node parameters and remote control of the built-in 3-state reverse switch. All node settings are remotely addressable via ROSA® Element Management System to help reduce truck rolls and associated cost.


  • GaAsFET gain block technology for improved distortion and noise performance
  • High-output level up to 117 dBµV with improved CTB/CSO values
  • Built-in output splitter (plug-in)
  • Extensive range of plug-in reverse transmitter (FP, DFB, CWDM)
  • Two different housings: compact indoor housing (IP54) and hardened outdoor housing (IP68)
  • Integrated 3-state reverse switch (on/-6 dB/off) allows the reverse input to be isolated for noise and ingress troubleshooting
  • Optional Ingress block filter (plug-in)

Cisco A93100 and A9330 Compact EGC Fiber Deep Nodes, optički nodoviCisco A90100 and A90300 Compact EGC Fiber Deep Nodes, download documentation

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