Casa Systems C10G Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS)

Casa Systems C10G Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS)


The Casa Systems C10G Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) combines a third-generation Data Over Cable Interface Service Specification (DOCSIS) system into one powerful 12RU platform.

Offer More Must-Have Services at a Lower Cost With its DOCSIS 3.0 capabilities, the C10G provides increased flexibility and downstream density at a dramatically lower cost per channel than the first two generations of DOCSIS devices. It’s also more cost-effective for handling the high-bandwidth applications today’s subscribers demand (e.g. IPTV and video-over-IP delivery).



Separate Downstream and Upstream Channels Unlike the traditional CMTS, which has a fixed downstream-to-upstream ratio, the C10G has separate modules for downstream and upstream traffic in one physical chassis. Now multiple system operators (MSOs) can provision downstream and upstream channels independently, managing the different traffic patterns of business users versus residential subscribers. Our product’s flexible architecture enables MSOs to easily allocate more downstream traffic for IPTV and video-over-IP.

Higher Channel Density The C10G can support up to 704 downstream or 704 upstream QAM channels in a single 12RU chassis. This significant increase in downstream channel density makes providing video-over-IP service economically viable today.

Industry-Leading DOCSIS 3.0 Features The C10G has the most extensive DOCSIS 3.0 feature set on the market. It provides the highest channel bonding capability for downstream traffic (64 channels) and upstream traffic (64 channels). It is fully compliant with CableLabs DOCSIS 3.0 specification and offers advanced AES encryption and IPv6 support.

The C10G’s revolutionary DOCSIS bandwidth capacity and low cost-per-bit enables MSOs to cost-effectively provision IPTV or video-over-IP and interactive gaming along with traditional broadband access, VoIP and interactive services with one platform. The C10G’s flexibility eliminates the deployment of costly parallel systems for IPTV bypass and DOCSIS broadband access.

Casa Systems C10G


  • Channel bonding up to 64 downstream and 64 upstream channels
  • AES encryption and IPv6 support for cable modems
  • The highest channel density per 12RU space in the industry
  • Separate downstream and upstream modules for flexible downstream-to-upstream ratios
  • DOCSIS DRFI specification qualified for multi-channel QAM output, and designed with extended frequency range up to 1 Ghz
  • The lowest cost per channel in the industry

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